Ways to Promote Yourself Across Platforms

In today’s world, which is becoming increasingly digital, it is vital to promote your work across as many platforms as possible in order to gain readers and followers. There are several ways to do this and helpful tips for promoting yourself.

The most obvious way to do this is one that most people already employ, which is to simply post your content on multiple platforms or share links to your content on multiple platforms and social media sites. This is relatively easy to do. It is as simple as converting a Medium post into a Quora post/answer or vice versa (sometimes this may require some editing to change it from an answer to a post or to tailor it to different audiences). If you do this, you should put something at the end of your post to the effect of “A verion of this post previously appeared on [website name with a hyperlink to the article].” This disclaimer at the end serves the dual purposes of promoting yourself on another platform as well as helping to avoid any potential issues of attribution and copyright that might arise from publishing on two platforms. There also may be potential SEO concerns to posting your content on multiple platforms, but I will admit that I am not an SEO expert so if you are worried about SEO you will have to do some additional research on it.

You can also share links to your work such as on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc. If you do this, you should share a quick blurb with the link to give an overview of the article. This short summary serves as a teaser trailer or hook that draws readers to the content. It is vital to make this hook catchy and well-written enough to successfully draw in readers.

You can also mention your other work and platforms in the article to allow readers to discover your greater body of work. For instance, if you are posting something you have previously written about please consider adding a sentence to the effect of: “For more on the topic, check out this article I wrote” or “As I have written elsewhere, [summary of the other writing].” Of course, make sure to include a link to the other article. Also consider ending your posts with something to the effect of “If you enjoy my content, please consider checking me out on [website name with a hyperlink to your profile].” If you are citing to sources and you have written something relevant in the past, consider citing to your prior work. A word of warning, be careful to cite to other authors and sources as well in order to maintain your credibility because citing to no one but yourself makes it seem like there is no other support for your ideas.

In conclusion, today’s world is increasingly digital and social media driven. To stay competitive, it is necessary to reach a wide audience and promote yourself properly. This advice should aid you in doing just that.

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