Review of Little Nightmares

Overall, it’s a great game! The visuals are shocking and stunning and the levels are well designed. The puzzles are challenging and the jump scares and other horror devices are well timed and not over used. In addition to the standard scare tactics such as shocking imagery and jump scares, this game also derives horror from its theme and by drawing on the worst traits of humanity, traits we all try to suppress. Eventually, you see parts of yourself in the villains, and that’s when the real nightmares start.

There are only a few controls to remember, making the game really easy to learn to play no matter your level of experience with video games.

The game is a little too dark (as in not bright enough) at a few points, which does add to the ambiance, but it can also make it hard to play. Although this is not a major issue and didn’t really take away from my overall experience, which was good.

My one complaint is that there isn’t a plot, well there is but it’s not a deep one (some points are also hard to pick up on). It isn’t much of a spoiler to say that the plot is basically just a child trapped in an awful place that she needs to escape. Admittedly, the plot is present and discernible, it’s just not a very deep plot, which is understandable given the length and type of the game. This doesn’t detract much from the overall experience of the game. Additionally, there is a comic series, a mobile game, and DLC that serve to supplement the plot and there is also a sequel in the works (and I do plan to play or read all of these things).

The game is also kinda short, but there is DLC and the levels are very replayable (especially if you want to collect all of the collectibles). Also, as I mentioned already there is a mobile game (called Very Little Nightmares) and a sequel (called Little Nightmares 2 scheduled for release sometime in 2020).

Overall, this is a really great and scary game that I would definitely recommend.

I previously posted a version of this post to Quora.

Edit: I have now played the DLC and the mobile game and would be happy to review those too if people want me to.

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