Please Stop Asking to Rent My Upwork Profile!

Lately I have been receiving messages on LinkedIn that I have no desire to receive. These messages are from people asking me to rent my Upwork profile to them in return for a share of their profits. This is not something I am willing to do, and I am willing to bet no other self-respecting freelancer is wiling to do it either.

I have been given a couple reasons for this request. One of them is that the person is based overseas and they want to rent a US based profile so they can compete for US based jobs that only hire US based freelancers (these jobs tend to be less competitive and often pay more). Another rationale is that the asker has either been banned from Upwork (always for no reason, of course) or is unable to create an account (because you being banned really makes me want to trust you with my account…).

Regardless of the rationale behind the request, my answer is always the same: no.

I always kindly explain that I will never rent my account, especially to someone I don’t know. For one, this would violate Upwork’s TOS, which could get me in trouble or my account banned.

Additionally, my account is connected to my name and therefore my reputation, which I don’t want to risk tarnishing. I have no way of regulating what someone would do in my name. They could try to rip people off or do poor work, which would reflect poorly on me and would damage my rating and reputation and could potentially even get my account banned. I would not take such a risk for the chance to receive a little money (also I have no guarantee they won’t try to rip me off and not pay me. They could even try to steal my account altogether).

Bottom line, my profile is my own and I value my reputation. My reputation isn’t for sale. If you are unable to use Upwork for some reason, try another platform, don’t try to cheat the system.

So, to the people trying to rent Upwork profiles, please stop!

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