How to Respond to a Crisis

This story was previously posted to Quora and to my social media.

Everyone, we are currently in the midst of a crisis. I know things seem bad right now, and in fact they are bad, but we will get through this.

This outbreak is a terrible tragedy that has harmed and killed many people and is unfortunately going to continue to harm and kill many people around the globe. Additionally, it has altered daily lives across the globe, will continue to do so for a yet unknown length of time, and may even permanently alter society. But we can get through this if we stay calm and help each other. In order to get through this, there are things we must all do.

First, don’t panic, but be smart. Panicking and freaking out is not helpful, but neither is trying to play this off like it isn’t a big deal because it is. It is important that we all react to this, but that we don’t over or under react. It is vital that we all prepare ourselves and follow the guidance of experts, but it is also important that we don’t freak out and act like this is the end times. Yes, you should have a good amount of food and supplies at home in case of shortages or in case you need to self-quarantine, but please don’t hoard supplies. Hoarding just makes it harder for others to get what they need, which can cause people to go without or to go to multiple stores to find what they need (which does not help contain this). Also, while experts say there are certain things you can do outside your home, please don’t party or host large gatherings. Also, and I can’t believe I have to say this, but do not price gouge or try to make a quick buck off of this crisis!

This disease is spreading rapidly and news and information about it is evolving and changing rapidly. It has become hard to stay up to date on what is happening. This means it is now more important than ever to avoid spreading misinformation. It is important that everyone have the latest and most accurate news in order to help combat COVID-19 and to keep themselves and others safe. Please don’t make it harder to do so by spreading misinformation. Please only spread accurate and reliable news and information.

This is a difficult time for many both financially and health-wise. It is vitally important that we find safe ways to help each other, whether it be through donations, by supporting struggling businesses, or by helping to shop for the sick or elderly so that they don’t have to go out. I firmly believe that humans are good by their nature, let’s all find ways to demonstrate our good and kind natures in these difficult times!

It is also important that we keep in contact with friends and family so that no one becomes isolated. To repeat the saying we’ve heard so much lately, social distancing is not social isolation. Due to technology, it is possible for us to keep our distance while also not be totally isolated. Total isolation is not healthy, so it is vital that we try and keep in touch with each other while also being safe.

To conclude, yes, things are bad, but we can get through this. If human history had taught us anything, it’s that humanity is resilient and can persevere. If we work together, keep calm, and stay smart, we can and will get through this crisis together!

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